Roger Rockmore

Roger is Kenan and Kyra's father. Roger is a very tall, stern intimidating man with a big bald head. He works at O'Hare Airport as an air traffic controller, and is the only Rockmore who doesn't seem to like Kel. This is mostly due to the fact that Kel often makes a sarcastic remark about Roger's baldness and short-tempered attitude and tends to injure him and damage the Rockmore house during his visits. He usually tolerates Kel's presence, due to his friendship with Kenan, but he has been prone to get mad with Kel when he goes too far in his stupid actions. Though he is a caring father, Roger has little to no patience with Kenan's schemes and punished his oldest child multiple times as a result of his troublemaking. In addition, Roger usually ends up having to pay for Kenan and Kel's mishaps, and he HATES spending money. He's also been shown to be a sore-loser because he hardly ever wins any games.

Dan Schneider | Roger Rockmore | Kenan & Kel Characters

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