Kenan Rockmore

Kenan is Kel's best friend. Kenan is relatively intelligent, but he hardly does any schoolwork, and doesn't talk much about it. Instead, he spends his time plotting schemes (such as transforming the grocery store at which he works into a nightclub, trying to get a car, or telling everybody that Kel has extra-sensory perception). Though good-natured, he frequently angers his parents and boss. His catchphrase is "WHYYYYYY?!"-- usually used when Kel does something wrong; or he'll angrily say, "Kel!". He is known for getting easily overwhelmed, and he usually passes out when something good or bad happens to him. He is very physically strong, being able to break an iron handcuff, destroy a block of cement by punching it, and even able to remove a steel bars of a concrete wall. Kenan also has a habit of yelling from across the room.

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