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  • Episode 321 Premiere: 04/12/97

    Erykah Badu

    *Green Room- The Lifeguard: A lifeguard guards the green room and saves Tricia, Alisa and Kel.

    *Miss Pidlin
    *Vital Information with Lori Beth Denberg
    *USS Spaceship: This sketch details how Captain Tantrum became the captain of the USS Spaceship after Officer Ulcer accidentally vaporized the previous captain named Captain Peril.
    *Everyday French with Pierre Escargot
    *Squash Hick: The squash boy costume for Kenan isn't ready so Josh and Amanda go audience fishing.
    *Good Burger intro musical guest Erykah Badu - "On and On"

  • Episode 320 Premiere: 04/05/97

    Dr Joyce Brothers and Sherman Hemsley/ Heavy D

    *Green Room-Get in the Box: A big cardboard box arrives in the green room. The cast enters (Kel), one after another (Alisa and Tricia, then Kenan, then Josh, then Lori Beth), and hops into the box. When asked what they are doing, the response is always the same: "Having fun. Get in the box!" Amanda was the only one to not be in the box

    *Good Burger: Food Critic Special Guest: Sherman Hemsley
    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Bradley's Big Ol' Date: Bradley's date (Tricia)
    *Ask Ashley: Ashley is once again infuriated by a foolish letter. But after her tirade, none other than famed anger management psychiatrist Dr. Joyce Brothers appears! She teaches Ashley some anger management techniques, and tries to read a letter herself. Unfortunately, it is about a boy who doesn't know how to turn the lights on in his house, and Dr. Joyce goes on a tirade of her own. Special Guest: Dr. Joyce Brothers
    *Vital Introduction *Musical Guest: Heavy D. - "Big Daddy

  • Episode 319 Premiere: 03/29/97

    MC Lyte

    *Green Room-The Wrong Lunches: The cast members receive the wrong lunch orders, including a wig, spaghetti and golfballs, and a foot! They throw their food at Kenan, who puts Josh's foot in his cheeseburger with lettcue, tomatoes, onions, mayonaise and brown mustard.
    *You Can't Win: The game show where no one can win, hosted by Jerry Fytootal(Josh). The panelists are Megan(Amanda); Shelley(Alisa); and Antoine(Kenan). Near the end of the sketch, Antoine gets "an entire ten seconds" to consume a big bowl of vanilla pudding; with 1½ seconds left, though, he dumps it on top of Jerry's head and bolts, laughing and smiling.

    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Class Disruptions
    *Mavis & Clavis in Shout!: The duo perform SHOUT in the audience
    *Antoine Introduces Musical Guest: MC Lyte - "Cold Rock a Party"

  • Episode 318 Premiere: 03/22/97


    *Green Room-The Fight: Lori Beth Has A Fight With The Big Ear Of Corn. Luckily Amanda Makes Lori Beth Want To Make Up With Him.

    *Okrah: Secret Crushes
    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *USS Spaceship VS. The Hoganoids: While flying through space, the U.S.S. Spaceship crew encounters the ultra-greedy Hoganoids. They want to "hog" up the whole universe, despite Captain Tantrum's protest- "space is very...spacious!" The crew manages to turn the Hoganoids greed against them, though, when Ulcer sends over a giant missile with a bow on it. The Hoganoids accept the gift, which the U.S.S. Spaceship crew energizes, sending bacon flying everywhere.
    *Ask Ashley
    *Miss Fingerly intro Musical Guest: Monica - "For You I Will

  • Episode 317 Premiere: 03/15/97

    Az Yet

    *Green Room-Too Much Popcorn: Amanda cooks too much popcorn, and it fills the entire Green Room! Then a popcorn shark arrives

    *Superdude's Evil Twin: The civilians can't tell the difference between Superdude and his evil "twin" (Amanda) who is trying to rob a bank. Testing superpowers doesn't work-both Superdudes are super-strong (although Amanda only tears a piece of paper in half, with difficulty). The Sweaty Lady's pitcher of milk is tossed on the two, and only the real Superdude is knocked out. Evil Superdude tries to finish robbing the bank, and stops to collect her free toaster (comes with opening an account.) Thankfully, the Sweaty Lady has a blow dryer, and the civilians dry off Superdude, who uses his magnetic butt to attract the toaster and catch the fake.
    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Family vs. Family (The Kopelows vs. the Maroons): The Maroons go against the Kopelows in this game show. The Kopelows are named after the stage manager Kevin Kopelow. *Everyday French with Pierre Escargot 
    *Miss Fingerly: The students can't understand Miss Fingerly when she gets a tooth pulled.
    *USS Spaceship intro Musical Guest: Az Yet - "Hard To Say I'm Sorry"

  • Episode 316 Premiere: 03/08/97


    *Green Room-Kenan's New Hairdo: Kenan has a new hairstyle-and it's very tall and blue. The kids won't share their opinions of it Kevin also got the same hairstyle.


    *Good Burger: Scratch & Win
    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Complaint Department Special Guest: Antoine
    *Coach Kreeton: Kreeton is the new Hall Monitor
    *Peter & Flem 
    *Thumbtax Introduces Aaliyah *Musical Guest: Aaliyah - "One In a Million"


  • Episode 315 Premiere: 03/01/97

    For Real

    *Green Room-Tricia's Test: The cast members make Tricia do weird things to get on the show. She must box Kevin, and lift Josh up in the air using only her brain. She passes every test!

    *Detective Dan: Mistakenly goes to a family's house and accuse them of robbing their own house!
    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Miss Piddlin: The New Lunch Lady (Kenan) who will hurt anybody who won't eat her peas.
    *Everyday French with Pierre Escargot
    *Really Loud Librarian: Studying is always a joy in Ms. Hushbaum's library. She'll go ballistic if anyone makes a single sound, so the place should be quiet! Ms. Hushbaum tends to a very loud herd of sheep while she goes about her business.
    *Vital Introduction Musical Guest: For Real - "The Saddest Song I Ever Heard"

  • Episode 314 Premiere: 02/22/97

    Ray J

    *Green Room-Kel's Birthday: It's Kel's birthday, and the kids celebrate in some very strange ways.

    *Repairman comes to repair a pizza parlor and broken relationship (Alisa & Josh).
    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Loud Librarian: Ms. Hushbaum's ultra-quiet library is in need of some repair work. She uses a jackhammer to do just that, expecting the students to be silent as always.
    *Pierre Escargot
    *Everything Sticky: A store where everything is slimy and sticky owned by Kenan.
    *Lori Beth meets Ray-J in the green room and gives him her demo.
    *Repairman Intro Musical Guest: Ray J - "Let It Go"

  • Episode 313 Premiere: 02/15/97

    John Leguizamo/ Mona Lisa

    *Green Room-Trapped!: The cast members are trapped in the Green Room! But they used Amanda's head to open the doors.

    *USS Spaceship: Is invaded by a weird mocking alien. Special Guest: John Leguizamo
    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Earboy: Walter & Pizzaface start a band called "The Mutations." But who can they get as a bass player? Of course-Ross Perot!
    *Everyday French with Pierre Escargot
    *Dr. Bynes sketch is interrupted when the audience start playing beach ball and then "Kevin Ball"
    *Ask Ashley intro musical guest Mona Lisa
    *Musical Guest: Mona Lisa - "Just Wanna Please U

  • Episode 312 Premiere: 02/08/97

    Sherman Hemsley/ Nas

    *Green Room-Kenan's Feeling Weird: Kenan doesn't feel well-and his symptoms are extremely odd!

    Special Guest: Sherman Hemsley
    *Good Good Good Good Burger: Ed shows off Good Burger's new burger with 4 meat patties.
    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Island Girls Independence Day
    *Everyday French with Pierre Escargot
    *Ask Ashley
    *Loud Librarian Introduces Musical Guest: Nas - "Street Dreams

  • Episode 311 Premiere: 02/01/97


    *Green Room-Eatin' the Corn: Lori Beth has a nightmare that the other kids are eating the Big Ear of Corn. When she wakes up she finds out they're eating Kevin.

    *Earboy Bullies: Earboy and Pizzaface have problems with bullies so, they go to Ross Perot for help.
    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Super Okrah (Superdude Vs Milkman on The Okrah Show)-Okrah interviews superheros like U Go Girl (Alisa) and Superdude. The Explaining Girl cleaned Superdude up with a squegie after being defeated by Milk Man.
    *Haunted Hand
    *Miss Fingerly's Class intro musical guest 112.
    *Musical Guest: 112 - "Only You

  • Episode 310 Premiere: 01/25/97

    Chris Farley/ Mint Condition

    *Green Room-Katrina's Time Machine: Katrina builds a time machine that turns the cast members 10 years younger. When the cast turned back to the right ages of the present, they turned Kevin into a kid

    *Cooking with Randy & Farley: Randy is joined by a special guest, Farley. Farley has the same feelings for ketchup that Randy does for chocolate. The two soon begin to battle over which treat tastes better. Special Guest: Chris Farley
    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Coach Kreeton's Date
    *Squash-Hick: Squash-Hick and Squash-Girl talk about what they love the most and wait for Squash-Boy to come out but the costume isn't ready yet so Josh and Katrina have to stall.
    *Vital Introduction Musical Guest: Mint Condition - "What Kind of Man Would I Be?" 

  • Episode 309 Premiere: 01/19/97

    Tony! Toni! Tone!

    *Green Room-Josh Has Hiccups: Josh Gets Hiccups. The cast members demonstrate some of their unique Hiccup Cures. Kenan gets the hiccups and the girls get insane by curing his hiccups.

    *The Okrah Show: Today's Topic: Self Defense
    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *The Geek Club: A cool kid (Kel) tries to join a club only for geeks and nerds (Katrina, Alisa, Josh, Amanda, and Kenan).
    *Everyday French with Pierre Escargot
    *Ask Ashley
    *Peter & Flem
    *Ask Ashley Intro Musical Guest: Tony! Toni! Toné! feat. DJ Quik - "Let's Get Down" 

  • Episode 308 Premiere: 01/12/97


    *Green Room-Lord Swaynesboro: Josh gets hit on the head and thinks he's "Lord Swaynseboro of Fontcastle." The kids are annoyed, and must get him back to normal. They soon find that the only way to do this is to hit Josh on the head again!

    *Meet the Maroons: We meet Lump Maroon (Kel) and the rest of his family (Lori Beth,Josh And Alisa)!Grover, Fern, Emily, and Chuck 
    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Good Burger: Ed messes up a girls (Amanda) birthday party.
    *Bradley The Big Ol' Baby: The big ol' baby is in Miss Fingerly's class.
    *Peter & Flem Intro Musical Guest: 702 - "Steelo"

  • Episode 307 Premiere: 01/05/97

    A Tribe Called Quest

    *Green Room-Sumo Kel: Kel decides to leave and become a sumo wrestler.

    *Ishboo visits the Psychiatrist.
    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Island Girls vs. Natives
    *Lemonade Scammer & Co: The scammer (Katrina) gets finds and hire another lemonade scammer just like her (Amanda)
    *Island Girls Intro Musical Guest: A Tribe Called Quest - "Stressed Out"

  • Episode 306 Premiere: 12/28/96

    Music Special

    Mavis and Clavis sneak passed the guards of All That and try to convince the cast for them to be a musical guest; The Cast shows Mavis and Clavis the kind of music that is on All That by showing some of the best musical guests on All That (from the first two seasons only) like Coolio, Da Brat, TLC, Faith Evans, and Naughty by Nature. The cast falls asleep so Mavis and Clavis go to perform but the show is already over. Meanwhile, Ed is cleaning up Good Burger and falls into a portal and does a music video with Immature called "Watch Me Do My Thing".

  • Episode 305 Premiere: 12/07/96

    Tyra Banks/ Blackstreet

    Tyra Bankshosts and Blackstreet performs.

  • Episode 304 Premiere: 12/07/96

    Dru Hill

    *Green Room-The Cake Surprise: The girls bake a cake and find Josh's underwear from the freezer in it and Kevin ate a piece of cake that had Josh's underwear on it.

    *Ishboo receives a house call from the doctor and thinks that he's sick (brief appearance of Ren and Stimpy)

    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Island Girls are "visited" by Kiki's also equally crazy sister, Didi (Katrina), who went for a swim, and show Fran a seashell who just leaves them stranded on the island.
    *Mavis & Clavis: Substitute Teachers in Shop Class.
    *Pierre Escargot introduces Musical Guest: Dru Hill - "Tell Me

  • Episode 303 Premiere: 11/30/96

    Oliver Muirhead/ Immature FT Smooth and Kel Mitchell

    *Green Room-Amanda's Gotta Dance:Let's Cha-Cha! Amanda's gone dance crazy! The other kids try to get her to stop, but she says she's "gotta dance." To make matters worse, everyone that tries to stop her starts dancing, too-even Kevin! They finally all conga out of the Green Room.

    *Good Burger: Health Inspection (Oliver Muirhead) Ed poisons the health inspector 
    Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Cooking with Randy and Andy: Randy interviews a new possible co-host, a chocolate lover like him, Andy (Amanda) but who loves chocolate more? Chocolately
    *Everyday French with Pierre Escargot
    *The BIG Note: Miss Fingerly catches a student (Josh) passing a HUGE note. She decides to make him read it out loud-which takes 100 years!
    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Miss Fingerly's Class (OLD after that still unfinished note) introduces Musical Guest: Immature feat. Smooth and Kel Mitchell- "Watch Me Do My Thing"

  • Episode 302 Premiere: 11/23/96

    Montell Jordan

    *Green Room-Kevin Gets Fired:It starts out with Kenan throwing darts at a picture of Kevin. Kevin is fired-and they have a new stage manager. Surprisingly, the kids find themselves missing him! They decide to find him and get him his job back after Kevin got a new job as a bathroom manager.

    *Superdude vs. Bullies and Yogurl: Mark Cant and Penny Lane (Alisa) are at the supermarket when some bullies begin to make fun of them. They torment Mark by throwing him in a display of tomatoes, who runs into a women's bathroom...and a few seconds later, Superdude appears! He easily dispatches the bullies. Once they are gone, a delivery man appears with a giant tub of yogurt-which contains Yogurl (Kel), the dairy vixen! Superdude is knocked out for a while, but the Explaining Girl (Katrina) appears from inside the dairy display and cleans him up with a moist towelette. Superdude then uses his "cold breath" to transform Yogurl into a frozen treat, which all of the supermarket patrons eat!
    Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Repairman In Space: When the captain (Kenan) of a spaceship is trapped outside, the other members of the crew (Josh and Katrina) try to repair the door. Repairman (Kel) falls from the ceiling and takes a stick of dynamite to the hatch, blowing half the spaceship up! He then "repairs" the captain's jet pack, which sends him flying into space without a helmet! The other astronauts escape just as Repairman begins to use a saw to destroy everything.
    *Everyday French with Pierre Escargot
    *Show & Tell: A student (Josh) shows his Chicken Pox and give his classmates the chicken pox. Others include a student's penny collection to make the students asleep and a student's lead pipe to hurt the class
    *Vital Introduction Musical Guest: Montell Jordan - "I Like

  • Episode 301 Premiere: 11/16/96

    Tia & Tamera Mowry/ LL Cool J

    *Green Room-Meet Amanda: A new cast member-Amanda-comes to town. She is annoyingly sweet and perky, offering cookies to the boys and stuffed animals (bear, tiger, and bunny) to the girls. The other cast members despise her, but Kevin loves her-especially when Amanda gives him a fancy recliner. But when a button on the recliner sends Kevin flying into space, the cast members change their minds and welcome Amanda. 

    *Cooking with Randy: Mandy (Angelique) was locked up in a chocolate rehabilitation center after going insane during a chocolatey wild weekend, so Randy interviews some prospective new co-hosts like Sandy (Alisa) and Tandy Spork, one of the staff members of Dullmont.
    *Vital Information w/ Lori Beth Denberg
    *Good Burger:Ed spits out food from a customer (Katrina) mess up a customer's drink into an orange soda but an orange cup Ed meets twins. Special Guest: Tia Mowry and Tamera Mowry
    *Everyday French with Pierre Escargot
    *The Gifted Class: Principal Pimpell teaches a "special" class of dimwits on numbers with students like Lump Maroon, and students who are amazed by the light switch, except the new student, Trudy, the smartest in the class (Amanda).
    *Superdude introduces Musical Guest: LL Cool J - "Loungin (Who Do Ya Luv)"

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