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  • Episode 1013 Premiere: 10/22/05


    • Green Room - All That President Election: Kyle wants the rest of the cast to vote for him, while the rest wants to vote for Chelsea's kitty. In the end: clowns appear and beat up Kyle because their TV show was canceled due to All That huge popularity.
    • Randy Quench - Awards Ceremony with host Rex Firestone(Ryan)
    • Vital Information w/ Lil' JJ
    • Trapped in an Elevator - Abby Rhodes, Percy Flavin, Claudia, and the Filthy Chef are trapped inside an elevator.
    • Know Your Stars: Christina Kirkman
    • Christina is supposed to introduce the musical guest but after Denzel gives her a sandwich with too much pepper, he introduces Lalaine.
    • Musical Guest: Lalaine I'm not Your Girl 
    • Series Finale
  • Episode 1012 Premiere: 10/16/05

    Brie Larson

    • Green Room-The cast are beat by bullies
    • Vital Information w/ Lil' JJ
    • Know Your Stars
    • Musical Guest: Brie Larson
  • Episode 1011 Premiere: 10/15/05

    American Hi-Fi

    • Greenroom: Kyle & The Chicken
    • The Filthy Chef: Clam Chowder
    • A Poem by Claudia
    • Vital Information
    • Ask MeeMaw
    • Jeff Bester: Safety Tester
    • Know Your Stars: Lisa Foiles
    • Percy and Poncy introduce musical guest: American Hi-Fi
  • Episode 1010 Premiere: 10/08/05

    Brooke Valentine

    • Green Room - Christina's lost her arms.
    • A Poem by Claudia
    • Vital Information
    • Kareena Jones
    • Musical Guest: Brooke Valentine
  • Episode 1009 Premiere: 10/01/05

    Morgan Smith

    • Greenroom: Denzel's Yard Sale
    • The Filthy Chef: Chicken and Macaroni and Cheese
    • Kareena Jones Public Service Announcement: Recycle
    • Vital Information
    • 2Gether 4Ever
    • Know Your Stars: Ryan Coleman and Kyle Sullivan
    • Zortogs introduce musical guest: Morgan Smith
  • Episode 1008 Premiere: 06/18/05

    Avril Lavigne

    Avril Lavigne performs.

  • Episode 1007 Premiere: 06/12/05

    Bow Wow


    *Greenroom: Truth Or Bear?

    • The L.A.M.O.S.:Fashion Show
    • Vital Information
    • A Poem By Claudia
    • Ask MeeMaw
    • Know Your Stars:Kianna Underwood
    • Muscial Guest Bow Wow
  • Episode 1006 Premiere: 06/11/05

    Drake Bell

    *Green Room-Kyle's new old girlfriend. It seems that Kyie's new girlfriend is old so Jack talks to him and it was only so Jack can have Her

    • 2Gether 4Ever
    • Vital Information
    • Kareena Jones Public Service Announcement:Stay in School
    • Jeff Bester (Safety Tester)
    • Know Your Stars:Ryan Coleman
    • Kareena Jones introduce Musical Guest:Drake Bell- Circles
  • Episode 1005 Premiere: 06/04/05

    Tyler Hilton

    *Greenroom-Defective Lisa Clone: Denzel makes a clone for Lisa but, according to my opinion, it's a black guy.

    • Zortogs; Vital Information
    • Escaped criminal Roxy McDougal in Ms. Bubell's class
    • Know Your Stars:Kyle Sullivan
    • The Rougenecks introduce musical guest: Tyler Hilton
  • Episode 1004 Premiere: 05/28/05


    *Green Room: Denzel's Blood Test

    • Sugar & Coffee In The Chemistry Class
    • A Poem By Claudia
    • Arts And Crafts with Percy and Poncy: Knitting
    • Vital Information
    • Kareena Jones
    • Know Your Stars: Christina Kirkman
    • 2Gether 4Ever introduce Musical guest: JoJo
  • Episode 1003 Premiere: 05/14/05

    Jesse McCartney

    *Green Room: In order to see who wins grape soda, Denzel and Kianna have a dance-off and Ryan and Kianna later dance at a speeding pace and they explode. Denzel then gets the soda.

    • The Filthy Chef
    • Vital Information
    • Arts & Crafts with Percy and Poncy : A bird house
    • Ask Meemaw
    • Know Your Stars : Chelsea Brummet
    • Musical Guest : Jesse McCartney
  • Episode 1002 Premiere: 05/07/05

    Fantasia Barrino

    *Green Room: Jack has hired a stunt double, but he goes off duty when confronted by a big biker. Jack must try to fight the biker...either that or Kyle's mother will take care of it. 

    • L.A.M.O.S.
    • Vital Information w/ Lil' JJ
    • Jim Tasty
    • Know Your Stars: Kianna Underwood
    • Fantasia - "Truth Is"
  • Episode 1001 Premiere: 04/30/05


    *Green Room:Kyle brings in a big box filled with All That action figures that say quotes the cast members have never said

    • Zortogs
    • Vital Information
    • Randy Quench Volunteer Fireman: Barbeque
    • A Poem By Claudia
    • Know Your Stars: Denzel Whitaker
    • Vital Information introduce Musical Guest: Mario

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