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  • Episode 613 Premiere: 07/15/00


    *Green Room-Danny's Bad Hair Day: Danny has a hair day so bad that he repulses everyone who comes near! Eventually, Christy decides to let Danny borrow her hair.

    *Channel 6½ News with Ray Borealis

    *Vital Information For Your Every Day Life - Danny is hit with stuff

    *Happy Homestuff With Gloria Bankhead: Gloria has Bill Clinton (Gabriel) as a guest on the show.

    *An Important Message From Mumbly Spice

    *Stuart: Substitute Teacher

    *Ask Ashley

    *Turblent Airline Intro To Musical Guest

    *Musical Guest: IMx "In & Out of Love"

  • Episode 612 Premiere: 06/24/00


    *Green Room-Leon Deflates: After, Gabriel pops him by accident, Leon deflates, and is blown up by a helium pump.

    *Turblent Airlines

    *Vital Information

    *An Important Message From Jiffy Springs: Jiffy tells us about late limousines.

    *Happy Homestuff with Gloria Bankhead: Gloria (Christy) shows us how to make interesting crafts.

    *Baby Chat

    *Alien in the Classroom: An alien masquerading as a fireman comes to Miss Klump's class.

    *Channel 6½ Breaking News:

    *Jimmy Bond & Agent Z introduce the musical guest.

    *Musical Guest: Ideal - "All About You"

  • Episode 611 Premiere: 06/17/00

    Tracie Spencer

    *Green Room-Bionic Danny: Danny is rebuilt with some cool robotic features-they prove to be very cool.

    *Cheesburger Doyle, Private Eye: A woman (Christy) asks Cheeseburger Doyle to find out if her husband (Josh) showers after playing baseball.

    *Vital Information

    *Channel 6½ News Breaking News:

    *Vegetable Hunting: A hunter (Josh) shows someone (Nick) how to hunt vegetables.

    *Baby Chat

    *Boring Man: Boring Man deals with the return of Hypnopants

    *Channel 6½ News Intro to the Musical Guest

    *Musical Guest: Tracie Spencer - "Still In My Heart"

  • Episode 610 Premiere: 05/27/00


    *Green Room-Exercise Bike: After Danny uses the new excersise bike, Amanda reveals that Danny set the machine to "Magnitize", causing him to become magnetic!

    *Detective Dan: Detective Dan crashes a wedding

    *Vital Information

    *Baby Chat

    *Channel 6½ News: World's Tallest Building

    *Al and Nigel, Animal Wranglers

    *Whateverrr!: Workout

    *Amanda turns a grapefruit into *NSYNC

    *Musical Guest: *NSYNC - "Bye, Bye, Bye"

  • Episode 609 Premiere: 05/20/00

    Britney Spears

    *Green Room-Leon for President: It's a presidential election, and the kids nominate...Leon!

    *Agent Jimmy Bond vs. Mr. Big

    *Vital Information

    *Superhero Auditions

    *Channel 6½ Breaking News: Brenda breaks flower pot

    *Toby Braun

    *Murray's supposed to introduce the musical guest, but after he pops his balloon, Leon introduces the musical guest

    *Musical Guest: Britney Spears - "Oops!, I Did It Again"

  • Episode 608 Premiere: 03/25/00


    *Green Room-Portal: Leon, Gabriel, and Mark are stuck in the Green Room, until they find a mysterious portal to another dimension open!

    *Latanya at Dudco. Latanya tries to show Ricardo (Mark Saul) that she is the boss of Dudco.

    *Vital Information

    *An Important Message From Sweaty Spice

    *Francis the Caveman Show: Francis interviews Bill Clinton (Gabriel) and Jiffy Springs.

    *Channel 6½ News: Breaking News. The state map is now different that what it used to be, with Colorado and California switched, and more.

    *Stuart takes over Ask Ashley

    *Bernnie Kibbitz (Josh) introduces Musical Guest

    *Musical Guest: Sammie - "I Like It"

  • Episode 607 Premiere: 03/18/00

    Sheryl Swoopes/ No Authority

    *Green Room-Hide and Seek: It's an extreme game of hide-and-seek, with Leon hiding in the water cooler, Christy hiding on the TV, and Danny in Amanda's mouth!

    *Cheesburger Doyle, Private Eye

    *Vital Information

    *Bill Clinton - Three Shortage: President Bill Clinton (Gabriel) announces that America is facing a shortage of the number three. To replace it, he develops a new word-"chippermonkey."

    *Al and Nigel, Animal Wranglers

    *Channel 6½ News Break:

    *Dr. Debbie, the Cheerleader examines Bernie Kibbitz, Billy Fuco, and a mailman (Nick) who got hit by a rock (featuring Sheryl Swoopes).

    *Hypno-Pants (Mark) introduces musical guest

    *Musical Guest: No Authority - "What I Wanna Do"

  • Episode 606 Premiere: 03/04/00


    *Green Room-Half-Rat: Leon is acting extremely odd-he sniffs out garbage and is obsessed with cheese. The kids soon discover that he has become a half-rat, half-boy!

    *Jiffy Springs (Amanda), Bengi Martin and The Spice Boys

    *Vital Information

    *Pizza Guy in Ms. Klump's Class


    *Danny and Josh in a "slow-food" restaurant sketch, with several interruptions.

    *Channel 6½ Breaking News: Brenda's coffee spilled!

    *Latanya introduces Musical Guest

    *Musical Guest: M2M - "Mirror Mirror"

  • Episode 605 Premiere: 02/26/00


    *Green Room-The Musical: The entire cast sings a song before the show starts.

    *Channel 6½ News: Brenda sends Ray to a zoo where he is inside the cage of a gorilla.

    *Vital Information

    *Cheeseburger Doyle, Private Eye: A woman (Christy) asks Cheeseburger Doyle (Danny) to find out why her husband (Mark) keeps coming home late.

    *Baby Chat

    *Toby Braun: Toby (Josh) shows his new product, the Trophy-Maker 2000.

    *Dr. Debbie (Amanda) introduces the musical guest.

    *Musical Guest: LFO - Girl on TV

  • Episode 604 Premiere: 02/12/00

    Cast of Snow Day/ Hoku

    *Green Room-Snowman Kevin: It's a snowy day, and Amanda, Nick, Gabriel and Josh decide to build a snowman. But where did Kevin go-and why is that snowman saying "Five minutes?"

    *Cockroaches in your Pants: Jerry Futile hosts a new show where he stuffs cockroaches down peoples' pants.

    *Vital Information

    *Francis the Caveman - Snow Day

    *Have a Nice Day with Leroy & Fuzz: Leroy talks about why laundry irritates him

    *Boring Man vs. Hypnopants: Superhero Boring Man (Danny), whose superpower involves boring people with long stories, meets Hypnopants (Mark), who hypnotizes people with his pants.

    *Cast Of Snow Day Introduce Musical Guest

    *Musical Guest: Hoku - "Another Dumb Blonde"

  • Episode 603 Premiere: 12/18/99

    Mandy Moore

    *Green Room- Bowling: Amanda and Mark are bowling. But, when Danny loses the ball they decide to play with his head.

    *Stuart- The greatest check-out guy

    *Vital Information

    *Whateverr!!: The girls are introduced to Ricky Martin's brother, Benji Martin (Gabriel).

    *Baby Chat. The babies talk about politics.

    *Everything for Free Store Everything in the store, including a TV and a diamond necklace. But you better pay for it.

    *Stinke-E-Sneezes: A couple (Josh and Gabriel) take their kids (Amanda and Mark) to a restaurant where everything stinks.

    *Baby Chat Introduces Musical Guest

    *Musical Guest: Mandy Moore - "Candy"

  • Episode 602 Premiere: 12/04/99


    *Green Room- Detective Dan: Detective Dan comes in. The cast thinks Josh is playing around, until Josh appears himself.

    *Jimmy Bond vs Mr. Nice Guy

    *Vital Information

    *Turblent Airlines Flight

    *Latanya At Dudco - Latanya tries to get a guy (Josh), unfortunately it turns out he's her boss (Christy)'s boyfriend.

    *Jiffy Springs Introduces Musical Guest

    *Musical Guest: Blaque - "Bring It All To Me"


  • Episode 601 Premiere: 11/27/99


    *Green Room-The Prize in the Box: Amanda buys a tasty new cereal called "All That in a Box" with a unique prize-a cast member is in every box! Sure enough, Gabriel comes out of the box, covered in cereal.

    *Cheeseburger Doyle, Private Eye

    *Vital Information

    *Turbulent Airlines Flight

    *Ask Ashley

    *Pizza Guy

    *Baby Chat

    *Vital Introduction

    *Musical Guest: B*Witched - "Jesse Hold On"

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