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  • Episode 713 Premiere: 05/04/02

    Christina Vidal/ Tyrese

    *Christina helps: The cast meets Christina, and ask for her autograph and take pictures, she also helps everyone with their odd needs.

    *Songs from the dentist hair
    *Oven Lovin' w/ Burford and Percy
    *The Difference Between Girls and Guys: "Romantic Movies"
    *Know Your Stars: Bryan Hearne
    *Bloopers: Sound Mic accidentally hits Christina's hair and lifts her up in the air during a Tilt-a-hurl skectch; Lisa bites Christina's finger off.
    *Bryan Lisa and Kyle introduce Tyrese.
    *Musical Guest: Tyrese

  • Episode 712 Premiere: 04/27/02

    Will Feidle/ Nelly Furtado

    *Greenroom- Will Friedle: Dan calls the cast while they play fish throw, and tells them to bring Will Friedle an iced tea but, they thought he said to kick him in the knees. So, they each kick Will in his knees.

    *Comin' at Ya!
    *Harry Bladder and the Magic Dance
    *Kids vs. Adults w/ host (Chelsea). The adults are being easily defeated, and to make things worse, Tito Ortizshows up.
    *Scuba News with Jack DeSena
    *Know Your Stars: Lisa Foiles
    *Connect the Zits: The Letter F
    *Wake Up Scene: Nelly Furtado
    *Jack Chelsea and Giovonnie introduce musical guest
    *Musical Guest: Nelly Furtado - "Turn off the Light"

  • Episode 711 Premiere: 04/13/02

    Aaron Carter/ Samantha Mumba

    *Green Room-Realistic Video Games: Jack, Bryan and Chelsea vs Aaron Carter in realistic video games.

    *The Tilt A Hurl
    *Live From The Dumpster: Britney
    *Vocabulary With Lisa And Her Little Friend Oswald: "Skunk" and "Gorilla"
    *Toy ER
    *Wake Up Scene: A Person Washing His Foot With Eggs
    *Know Your Stars: Shane Lyons
    *Bloopers: Chelsea Punches Aaron Carter After Thinking He's Bothering Kyle.
    *Songs From The Dentist Chair Introduce Musical Guest
    *Musical Guest "Samantha Mumba"

  • Episode 710 Premiere: 04/06/02

    Amanda Bynes/ City High

    *Greenroom- Amanda Please?: The cast is excited to meet Amanda, but Penelope Taynt: Amanda's number one fan (The Amanda Show), breaks in the greenroom to meet Amanda. So, Nickelodeon agents hire Barney the Security Guard to capture her.

    *Sugar and Coffee: Amanda is an introduced, and is ask for Sugar and Coffee, but before they could, they get interupped by the Nickelodeon Agents and Barney because of Penelope.
    *Connect the Zits: A Slice of Pizza
    *Shady Airlines: Hawaii
    *Vocabulary w/ Lisa and her little friend Oswald: "Cardboard" & "Enjoy".
    *Know Your Guest Stars: Amanda Bynes
    *Jack tries to hit on Amanda and Chelsea.
    *Amanda shows the cast a flashback of a late 90s Ask Ashley sketch where a robber appears.
    *Chit-Chat introduces Musical Guest.
    *Musical Guest: City High

  • Episode 709 Premiere: 03/23/02

    Lisa Leslie/ Ray Ramano/ Willa Ford

    *Green Room-Ray Ramano: Kyle, Lisa, and Chelsea get Ray Romano to be on the show, unfortunately he gets locked in a bathroom, so Jack, Shane, and Giovonnie get Lisa Leslie as an alternative.

    *Bridgett's Slumber Party
    *Connect the Zits: Chicken Nugget
    *Toy ER
    *Ray is still locked in the bathroom, and Kyle use a Sledge Hammer to get him out, but it fails to work.
    *Know Your Stars: Pickle Boy
    *Jack, Kyle, and Bryan introduce a cute monkey, and introduce the musical guest.
    *Musical Guest "Willa Ford"
    *Pickle Boy hears Ray inside the bathroom saying he's hungry. So he gives him a pickle to eat.

  • Episode 708 Premiere: 03/16/02

    Barry Watson/ Christina Millian

    *Greenroom- Trick or Treat: Kids come and get candy for Halloween, while the cast play stacked drumsticks. Soon, Barry Watson arrives, but Jack believes it's another kid.

    *Difference between Girls and Guys: Talking on the Phone
    *The Crazy Taxi Driver: Driver's boss (Barry Watson) gets in the cab.
    *Wake up Scene: A Guy Eating an Orange.
    *Rate the Pain: A Electric Eel
    *Know Your Stars: Lisa Foiles
    *Bloopers: Crazy Taxi Driver calls apparently calls a thug a name.
    *Vocabulary w/ Lisa and her little friend Oswald: "Beef" and "Friends". Oswald introduces musical guest Christina Millain.
    *Musical Guest: Christina Millian- "AM to PM"

  • Episode 707 Premiere: 03/09/02

    Kenan Thompson/ LFO

    *Greenroom- Old Cast Member: Former cast member Kenan Thompson visits the new cast, but no one but the garbage man seems to know who he is.

    *Comin' At Ya! w' Kenan
    *Harry Bladder in "Lord Moldy Shorts", Principal Pimpell (Kenan) teaches Harry's class.
    *Songs from the Dentist Chair
    *Sugar and Coffee: Miss Piddlin' visits Buzz and Kaffy.
    *Know Your Stars: Giovonnie Samuels
    *Soupdude & Superdude: Soupdude (Shane) and Superdude stop robbers.
    *Harry and friends introduce LFO.
    *Musical Guest: LFO

  • Episode 706 Premiere: 03/02/02

    David Arquette/ Mandy Moore

    *Greenroom- Prank from David: David arrives to the studio, and he tells Chelsea that he want to do a prank first, on the cast.

    *Harry Bladder in "Foodius Fightium"
    *Connect the Zits: Abe Lincolin
    *The Crazy Taxi Driver
    *Rate the Pain- Drum
    *Know Your Stars- Chelsea Brummet
    *Bloopers: Bryan and David are interrupted by Bryan's mom and takes over the wheel.
    *Britney in the toilet introduces mucial guest Mandy Moore.
    *Musical Guest Mandy Moore.

  • Episode 705 Premiere: 02/23/02

    Tony Hawk/ Barenaked Ladies

    *Greenroom- Tony Hawk: Jack, Bryan, Chelsea, and Kyle meet Tony Hawk, and beg him to do some of his moves.

    *Sugar and Coffee
    *Catapult- Kyle, Bryan, and Lisa catapult Shane through Hollywood, into a pool.
    *Rate the Pain- Potato Masher
    *Chit Chat- Stacy Chit (Giovonnie) introduces guest Tony Hawk, but he wants to talk about knitting.
    *Wake Up Scene: A girl (Chelsea) wakes up and opens the blinds and sees a giant belly.
    *Know Your Stars- Bryan Hearne
    *Bloopers: Tony Hawk gives Giovonnie a bunch of balloons and she floats into the air.
    '*Texas Girls introduce musical guest
    *Musical Guest: Barenaked Ladies

  • Episode 704 Premiere: 02/09/02

    Britney Spears

    *Greenroom- Video Phone: Lisa introduces the new Video Phone and randomly call people, even Britney, tpp.

    *Comin' At Ya!
    *Bridgett's Slumber Party: Britney Spears visits the girls, and Elliot gets excited.
    *Rate the Pain: Hedgehog
    *Oven Lovin' w/ Buford and Percy
    *Wake Up Scene: Man Shaving
    *Britney Spears
    *Bloopers: Kyle gets so excited about meeting Britney Spears that he jumps on top of her and they both fall out a window.
    *Buzz and Kaffy introduces musical guest
    *Musical Guest: Britney Spears - "I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman"

  • Episode 703 Premiere: 02/02/02

    P. Diddy

    *Greenroom- Wake Up Shane: Jack and Bryan need to wake up Shane before the show stars.

    *Bridgett's Slumber Party: Bridgett (Chelsea), Gale (Giovonnie), and Claudia (Lisa) have a slumber party, but Elliot (Kyle) always ruins it.
    *Songs from the Dentist Chair
    *TR Yell w/ host Carson Daly (Jack): P. Diddy joins and introduces his new act, Lil' Fetus (Bryan).
    *Vocabulary with Lisa and her little friend Oswald: "Watermelon" and "Face"
    *Wake Up Scene: P.Diddy
    *Know your Stars: Shane Lyons
    *Kid at the Principal's Office: A kid (Kyle) won't stop laughing at the principal's office.
    *Comin' At Ya!
    Britney in the toilet introduces P.Diddy. *Musical Guest P. Diddy - "Diddy"

  • Episode 702 Premiere: 01/19/02

    Melissa Joan Hart/ Usher

    *Green Room-Melissa or Sabrina?: Kyle meets Melissa Joan Hart and asks her to perform magic, likeSabrina, the Teenage Witch. Melissa tries to explain that she has no magic powers. Kyle is disappointed, but asks for a kiss instead. Melissa agrees...after she uses her powers to turn Kyle into a male model!

    *The Crazy Taxi Driver
    *The Difference between Girls and Guys: Burping
    *Harry Bladder
    *Wake Up Scene: Giant Bunny
    *Know Your Stars: Jack DeSena
    *Bloopers: Bryan somehow gets pulled over by a cop. Jack finds a duck in his pants.
    *Kyle Introduces Musical Guest
    *Musical Guest: Usher - "I Don't Know"

  • Episode 701 Premiere: 01/19/02

    Frankie Muniz/ Aaron Carter

    *Green Room-The New Cast: It's time for the new season of All That to start...but no one has hired a cast!Frankie Muniz dashes into the street and pulls various kids from off the street to join the show.

    *Sugar and Coffee: Buzz (Kyle) and Kaffy (Lisa) host their own talk show, where people eat and drink tons of sugar and coffee. On today's episode, Frankie Muniz guest stars and gets hooked on the sweets.
    *Britney: Live from in the Toilet (Chelsea)
    *Connect the Zits: A Person
    *Toy ER
    *Rate the Pain: Beehive
    *Know your Stars: Chelsea Brummet
    *Vocabulary with Lisa and her little friend Oswald: "bacon" and "nuts".
    *Bloopers: Kyle thinking he was supposed to kiss Frankie Muniz in the Sugar and Coffee sketch. Lisa sneezes and covers Frankie with snot.
    *Crazy Taxi Driver introduces musical guest.
    *Musical Guest: Aaron Carter - "Not Too Young, Not Too Old"

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