Captain Man and Other Superheroes We'd Love to be Sidekick For

Whether they’re taking down time-traveling super villains or having guacamole taste-tests, “Henry Danger’s” Captain Man & Kid Danger are one of the most awesome hero-sidekick duos on TV. Thanks for keeping Swellview safe, guys!

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, being part of a dynamic crime-fighting duo like the “Henry Danger” guys is a pretty awesome fantasy, right?

Here are 5 heroes we’d love to sidekick for:

1.  Superman
Sure, there’s tons of heroes that fit the strong and nearly indestructible billing, but come on, this is Superman we’re talking about! In addition to those dynamic traits, he has the ability to fly, x-ray vision, heat vision, cold breath, super-speed and enhanced hearing. Captain Man will always be our #1 option, but Superman is hard to pass up.

And even if the Man of Steel can defend the world on his own, he probably could use a buddy to lean on when he has days like these: 


2. Iron Man
When it comes to super strength, most of us probably think of The Hulk. But, let’s be honest, Hulk’s anger and communication issues might be a bit much to handle.

That’s why Iron Man makes this list. When he’s in his suit, Tony Stark is virtually indestructible—he’s an inhuman force for the good guys. He flies like Superman, is smarter than … well, basically anyone… and has the coolest alter-ego in the business. Come to think of it, Ray Manchester is kinda like a less rich Tony Stark.

Plus, being this hero’s sidekick pays off in sweet, sweet uniforms. 


3. Batman
If we can’t step into Kid Danger’s suit, what’s better than wearing your underwear on the outside of your spandex?  Yep, we’re talking to you, Robin.

Also: The Utility Belt. We want it. 

In a lot of ways, Batman and Captain Man are quite similar. Captain Man has the Man Cave and Schwoz, Batman has the Bat Cave and billions of dollars to develop his arsenal to save Gotham City. Batman has Wayne Manor, Captain Man has Junk n’ Stuff. Same thing, right? Totally. 


4. Spider-Man
While Captain Man has some awesome skills, Spider-Man has a few we’d love to put into action. With awesome powers that allow him to soar across the city, we’d love to be part of the ride— who wouldn’t?! Even if we couldn’t sling webs of our own, getting to go for a swing with Spider-Man has to be one of the coolest crime-fighting experiences ever. 


5. Daredevil
Daredevil has sonar capabilities that allow him to see, but backup never hurt anyone, right? While Foggy is a good buddy for Matt Murdock, he’s bound to need a real sidekick. If that day ever comes, sign us up.


Superheroes We'd Love to be Sidekick For


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